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Founded in August 2021

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Who We Are

Founded in August 2021, Presence Quotient Canada™ is an affiliate partner of Presence and Presence Hong Kong Ltd. Presence Quotient Canada™ , also known as PQC, is a Christian non-profit organization based in Canada. PQC is applying to become a tax-exempt organization.

Our services include: workshop, training programs (presence Life Planning Curriculum and Healthy Dialogue Course), professional assessments and consultations (provided by Presence Possibilities), and educational resources (blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.).

Dr. Agnes Ip, Ph.D., LMFT

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Agnes Ip is the Founder and CEO of Presence Quotient Canada™, Presence, and Presence Hong Kong Ltd. She is a California-licensed marriage and family therapist and has a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology. In her early years, she was a church minister in Hong Kong, now she is a lecturer at several seminary schools.

Dr. Agnes has been passionate about nurturing the next generation to serve in their families, workplaces, and current cultural context. To help people deal with the challenges in a multicultural environment, Dr. Agnes developed the Presence Life Planning Curriculum (PLPC). With creative and systematic guidance, PLPC enables connections between individuals, families, and communities, thus helping people live out their faith with wisdom.

Our Focus

Multi-generational Families + Multi-cultural Communities

PQC equips individuals and families to become a new generation of Christian cultural missionaries who have the skills and wisdom to lead, serve, apply Christian values in their daily lives, bridge the cultural and generational gaps, and create healthy families and multicultural communities through training programs, interactive skill-building seminars and workshops, educational resources, and professional assessment and consultations.

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