Ministry Report

2022: At a glance

This year's theme is "Heart-to-Heart: Connect to Grow." and these are the 4 focuses:

2022: At a glance

2022: Growing in Love

Presence God’s Heart to My Heart – Scripture Creative Expression Contest and Sharing

We encourage fellow Christians to grow together in love with God through meditating on God’s Word and learning by heart in any creative ways by hosting “Presence God’s Heart to My Heart – Scripture Creative Expression Contest”.

Presence Podcast

Together with our affiliate partner, Presence Quotient®, we launched Presence Podcast in 2021…

U Read I Read Blog Series

We present “U Read I Read Blog Series” to cultivate parent and youth relationships and high quality communication through reading together.

Couples Personality Test and Analysis

The newly-launched Couples Personality Test and Analysis can help couples deepen their understanding of each other.

Healthy Dialogue Training Program

The Healthy Dialogue training program helps parents, youth and youth pastors/workers understand their responsibilities and roles, and provides boundaries and communication guidelines between youth and parents, and between youth parents and youth pastors/workers.

Presence Heart-to-Heart – Group Facilitator Skill-Training

We custom made the “Presence Heart-to-Heart – Group Facilitator Skill-Training” for group leaders to help the body of Christ be better engaged in learning and interacting with one another.

College Major and Career Exploration

Presence Possibilities, an initiative of our affiliate partner, Presence Quotient®, provides one-on-one consultation on college major and career exploration.

Presence Life Planning Curriculum (PLPC) Advanced Certification Course

PLPC Advanced Certification Course helps explore the relationship between personal and societal identity.

Mental and Spiritual Education

Every week, Presence provides healthy mental and spiritual education to the community by sharing educational videos, scriptures, podcasts, and blogs every week.

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