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Have you ever set aside 40 days (or a similar amount of time) to pursue something wholeheartedly? It could have been to …

The second part of our Gen Z in Germany series covers what family life looks like for Gen Z in this European country.

Recently in a Mother’s Day sermon, Dr. Agnes Ip shared and compared the stories of two mothers in the Bible - Hannah and Sarah. The message of the sermon is worth reflecting on.

No matter what age your kids are, reading together can be a source of joy and connection in the family. Getting into the habit of reading may seem daunting, and in this blog, a mother shares her 3 tips with us for getting into the habit of reading together as a family.

This is the beginning of our series on Gen Z in Germany after Dr. Agnes interviewed German-Chinese high school students Youshi and Anzhuo. They helped to give us a picture of the stress youth in Germany experience today and how they as Christians cope with that stress.

At last year’s Walking Along with Second Generation Leaders Conference, Dr. Agnes Ip shared about how RE: NEW has helped first-generation and second-generation leaders work together to serve today’s youth. We also invited youth pastor Andrew Wong and intergenerational pastor Leona Wong to share about their experiences and perspectives.

Before I got married, I was looking forward to having my own family… Gradually, I felt like aside from being a mom and wife, I was nothing. I started to doubt my own ability and God’s call for me…

Through the testimonies of a participant and a trainer, we have a glimpse of how God has been using the Presence Life Planning Curriculum to help one connect to self, relate to others, and live a more vibrant life of faith.